Guidelines for Buying a 3d Printer

4With a lot of media coverage on the 3D printing it is quite likely that you would have got interested in the equipment. You may have also seen the achievements in the biotechnology world where they are making prosthetics parts successfully. It gives you the flexibility to make your phone case, Lego blocks, and own creative designs. The possibilities are endless but you need to look at the following considerations before you buy a 3D printer.

The three types

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers use an additive process where the model is created by heating and extruding plastic and then pieced together layer by layer. The FDM printer creates the 3D model by heating and extruding plastic and putting it together layer by layer, while the stereolithography printer uses ultraviolet light beam to harden a model from a pool of photosensitive liquid. When the use of laser beam is used to melt the powder to create a layer of printed material, it is the selective laser sintering (SLS) printer. With the SLS you can go in for printing of metal objects also.

Printer cost

You can buy a 3D printer for as low as $100 if you are a beginner and can put some home 3d printer parts together. The professional models are expensive but give you a very high quality output. The professional model cost begins from $1000 and goes on increasing with the quality of output desired.

Printing material

The printing material has to be bought separately. You get the 3D printing materials in spools of 1 Kg and have a property of being soft and malleable on heating and solidify on cooling. They are soft and malleable in hot condition and freeze on cooling. Poly Lactic Acid or PLA is a biodegradable material and recommended for beginners. ABS is a strong and flexible plastic and useful for professionals.


High temperatures are involved when you use a 3D printer. There is normally no protection cage around the printer, and can lead to burn injuries if you are not careful. Sometimes the plastic material that you use is likely to emit fumes on heating. Fume extractor deployment is a better idea if you intend to do a lot of 3D printing. Click this to avail of 3D printing services.

Print Quality

Print resolution and print speed are the two important aspects for a good quality 3D print. The print speed is dependent on the extrusion rate of the machine. Print resolution is specified in microns and gives a better level of detail with a lower figure.

3D modelling software

If you want the easy route, you can download pre-made model blueprints from the internet. However, if you want to create your own model blueprints you can download the 3D modelling software and learn the process. For additional information, visit the site at


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